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The digital marketing foundation for any organization begins with their website. Maximizing website optimization starts with a sound website audit service. There are many considerations involved in website optimization for our remote WordPress developer services but some of the biggies are as follows:

  • website design for user function, appeal and branding
  • intuitive navigation
  • a super content management system (CMS) like WordPress
  • a responsive theme for proper website access and functionality across all devices
  • lightweight clean coding with proper cache settings for blazing fast page load
  • engaging user interface and format
  • sound website and on-page SEO structure
  • social media friendly
  • conversion funnel purposed

Website Audit Service Sets the Wheels in Motion

There are many factors and considerations in the makings of an optimized website. Many, of which are discussed on this page. Much depends on the organizations specific marketing needs and addressing those objectives. Website optimization is foundational to a marketing program for effectiveness and efficiency. A website audit service evaluates where the website stands in relation to achieving your marketing objectives and goals.

DOC includes a complementary website audit service in his proposal to your ‘Website Optimization RFP’ (see bottom of page)!


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Website Optimization by Remote WordPress Developer


The content management system (CMS) is a key ingredient for any website optimization. As a remote WordPress developer we can take advantage of this incredible active open source and professional CMS software community. If there is an extension or plug-in that does something you want, more than likely you can find it in WordPress. The active community of pros and enthusiast just keeps pumping out cutting edge software extensions, plug-ins and themes. Today’s coders and developers make it so the rest of us can utilize a user-friendly interface (UI) and leave the coding (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to them!

WordPress Offers Flexibility Marketing Requires

Website design and function is fundamental for any organization. WordPress allows the handling of your own website customization, development and CMS with creative latitude and control. This control enhances marketing efforts and much more. One does not need to be a developer with coding skills nor want to be. One can always outsource those skills if needed. Those skills are not necessary to create, build and manage a cutting-edge website like this one. If you are interested in such a website that you control, customize and manage... we can help you.

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WordPress Website Optimization Framework

What you get… We can handle all of the more technical setup aspects utilizing our expertise to:

Build a WordPress (WP) website framework with our choice best practice software extensions and plugins (settings configured where applicable) to help provide a platform capable of that initial list of website functionalities (above). Including, a select premium theme ideally with a drop and drag visual editor for creative design simplicity for page building. Many excellent software extensions are free in the WP community, while there are some premium software/plugins and themes worth their weight in gold. We provide this awesome advance website framework (includes most of all a-la-carte services below, can include all!) customized to the clients specific needs. Submit a request-for-proposal (RFP) for your complementary customized proposal.

We install the website on capable hosting/server of client’s choice (our recommendations upon request). We can help or handle any setups for DNS domain issues, database, domain email and a file transfer protocol (FTP) for you. Yep, this can be a bit technical to some but not to worry!

Remote WordPress Developer Optional Web Design Services

WordPress CMS Coaching

DOC can include optional WordPress CMS coaching to help get you over the WordPress CMS hump (learning curve). You can find endless WP tutorials for about any need online or on YouTube. You will need to know or learn the basics in customizing, developing and managing your wonderful new website. Ideally, a little hands-on coaching is best used getting a solid overview of the WP CMS admin area, while starting to work through customizing your website if you are a complete newbie.

With proper site backup management (we can cover with you), you never have to worry about a server crashing or hurting/corrupting your website… peace of mind! Mess up something big? NO problem, Just replace with an up to date backup in a few minutes!


Website Security - HTTPS is Necessary

Is your site using the industry standard security that Google imposed in October 2017? If not, your website is currently flagged as an unsecured website. Historically, websites were responsible for securing only payment information, and that has now been changed to all personal information right down to an email address.

I have included the article from Google that highlights their intention to make web browsing more secure for everyone and how this decision impacts your website.

Website Page Load Speed Optimization

Everybody loves a fast website your users and Google! The slower the site the higher the visitor bounce rate. Google factors in site speed in its rankings. What is your site’s page loading speed? Less than 2 seconds? That is the goal!

Lead Generation and Conversion Enhancement

Are your marketing dollars bringing you the leads necessary to crush your return-on-investment (ROI)? If not, I am sure optimizing of your website lead generation could help big-time! The marketing purpose of driving traffic to a website is to increase sales and revenue. Best way to accomplish that is capturing leads (names and contact info of prospects) for an ongoing strategic sales funnel campaign. The big question is where to start and what is right for your situation? We can make it easy for you…

Site/User Review Reputation Management and Social Proof Enhancement

Online reviews can make or break businesses today. They have replaced the old ‘word-of-mouth’ of yesterday. Depending on the business having a way to manage such company reviews on Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Amazon, Yellow-pages or BBB is huge! We have some very creative cutting edge solutions to help rock your website's review productivity and management!


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GDPR Compliance Audit for Website User Data Management

There is a new recent European law that went into effect, requiring all businesses that conduct operations in the EU or have contact with any EU citizens, to manage users' personal identifying information in accordance to the new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR law.  

Are you ready to get on the road to better Website User Data Management and strive for compliance with the EU’s GDPR law? User data management is not going away but gaining traction in the digital world. Don’t be left behind! Get our GDPR Compliance Audit. See where you currently stand and get our recommendations to enhance your GDPR Compliance / take control of your website user’s data needs!

All A-La-Carte Service Options

We can help you address any of the above website optimization services for WordPress websites. Just request a quote for any of the a-la-carte services in your Request For Proposal (RFP). Some a-la-carte services may be available with or without the 'DOC Website Optimization' Framework under certain situations. An example would be, if client already has a viable WordPress website etc. Tell us what you'd like in your RFP and we will address it in our responding proposal..


*** Note: DOC's WordPress Website A-La-Carte Optimization Services are available as an additional service to the WP Framework or approved existing DOC marketing Clients. There are some exceptions as stated above. ~ Thank you.

Dynamic Website Optimization You Control

Let us help you establish a website foundation and framework for your key digital marketing asset. Allow yourself to responsibly manage and be in control of your entire website. Skyrocket your website's engagement, leads and sales conversion capabilities. Client is responsible for all website development beyond the frame work or additional specialized a-la-carte optimization service ordered. Such as logo, design, content, media and management.

The end goal is to have a killer professional website that properly and proudly represents your organization and brand. A functional website platform to anchor your organizations digital marketing under its complete management, creative and asset control! A smart strategic marketing investment! ~ DOC

Sorry, Due to Time Limitations DOC is not Currently Offering Web Design