Web Marketing Consultant Strategic Perspective


Successful digital marketing does not happen by chance. On the contrary, smart strategic planning is foundational to marketing success. From a web marketing consultant perspective, developing a smart strategic plan begins with a keen understanding of one’s product, customer and market. Creating and defining the marketing plan will be built on that knowledge in pursuit of the organization’s goals.

Customer Value Optimization is Smart Marketing Strategy

A successful digital marketing strategy is based on customer value optimization. This term is synonymous with sales funnel optimization. The home base or platform for most organizations web marketing is their website. The objective is to have an organizations website and marketing plan strategically structured to act cohesively as a highly optimize sales funnel in achieving one’s marketing goal.

Analytic and Data Specialist

This is painting with the broadest of strokes to highlight the underlying strategic principle of web marketing planning. The devil of course is in the details as usual. A solid plan should be a frame work or foundation from which to build in striving one’s goals. Implementation of the plan is an ongoing living process. Typically a plan consists of numerous aspects, levels, channels, objectives and so forth. All of which play integral  roles to cohesively achieve the organizations ultimate marketing goal.

Analytic and Data Skills and Conversion Rate Optimization

In order to track and measure a marketing plans implementation and success you need to establish metrics and objectives. Ideally each objective will have its own metrics in different phases of the marketing plan. This is where the skills of digital analytic and data collection come into play. Conversion rate optimization skills are in many ways a micro version of the same. Yes, technical details do play an important role in the marketing process.

Conversion Rate Specialist

Marketing requires constant tracking and measuring KPI’s to understand the results of implementation of various marketing or advertising campaigns. This understanding is used to guide, modify and improve upon on the various marketing campaigns. The process of tracking and measuring metrics to achieve the objectives and optimize is ongoing. Each campaign objective plays a role in the bigger marketing picture.

Web Marketing Consultant Guidance Can Be Huge!

​Digital marketing strategy has numerous levels and objectives each playing its focused role towards achieving the organization's major marketing goal. The complexity of the strategic plan is dependent on the organizations' needs and desires. DOC is a Certified Digital Marketer Specialist in the 8 core disciplines including the 3 touched on here. "My web marketing consultant services are about providing expertise and guidance to help clients achieve their ​emarketing goals". ~ DOC

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