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Social and community management is the objective and task of a social media marketing consultant in making the most of an organization’s social media presence. Social proof has become a key factor in today’s internet age. There is no getting around it, it has become a fixture in the digital world so every organization should make the most of it.

Social media consists of four major components in regards to any business or organization. They are as follows; social listening, social influencing, social networking and last but not least social selling. Each component plays an important role. Let’s talk briefly about each.

What Is Social Listening?

Social listening is the monitoring of the goings on about your organization on social media. It enables you to respond to customer service and issues. With social listening and organization can help manage its reputation, reduce refunds, identify problems and help increase retention. Any social media marketing consultant will tell you social listening is of utmost importance.

What Is Social Influencing?

Social influencing is about establishing an organizations authority through engagement distribution of one’s content. Such as sharing key content through the social web. The purpose of this influencing is to increase engagement and website traffic. By doing so an organization can increase its presence and awareness for its products and services.

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What Is Social Networking?

Social network is the act of finding and associating with more authoritative or influential people or businesses in the social networks. You might consider it rubbing elbows or riding the coattails of social influencers. Ideally leading to strategic partnerships and expanding the organizations objectives. Social networking tools like HootSuite​​​​ can be very beneficial and resourceful in social networking endeavors.

What Is Social Selling?

Social selling is about generating prospects, leads and sales from social media. It’s a great way to grow leads, email lists, customers and sales from both new and existing customers. The social web is where businesses customers and prospects hang out exploring or engaging. An analogy might be the social web are the bodies of water where the fish hang. Certain fish in certain waters like swordfish in saltwater, bass in lakes and brook trout in streams. A fisherman needs to go to where the type of fish that they are fishing for live and are found.

​Social Media Marketing Consultant Strategy

Organizations should have strategic and competent social community management. Every organization will have its own ​digital marketing services objectives, metrics and goals including utilizing social media. Defining those objectives while developing a smart strategy and management is key to its accomplishment.

If you would like to consider professional guidance in your organization’s social media management… it is one of my digital marketing consulting specialties. ~ DOC

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