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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing websites to rank high in search engines (SERPs) for select keyword terms. The objective is to obtain maximum exposure for targeted organic traffic. In the early days of the dotcom bubble to as recently as a few years ago, many found it rather easy to game the search engines with spam filled techniques, the black hat wild west! Google slammed the door on the old garbage back-links and on-page keyword stuffing etc. Today, professional local SEO services done strategically with Google's best practices in mind is a must. That is, if you want the sustained organic traffic benefits of Google and other search engines.

Google’s algorithm updates of mainly panda, penguin and hummingbird changed the SEO landscape for good. Those who attempt to play with the black hat antics of spammers will be banished to the Google sandbox.

Website traffic does not get any better than properly targeted organic search engine traffic. Ranking in the GMB 3-pack can be life changing lead generation for a local business! Top ranking in SERPS is the gift that keeps on giving! So, the question is how to get there and stay there? I can help! ~ DOC

Content is King in Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a major factor in today’s digital marketing. Organizations require sound local SEO services to take advantage of top rankings in Google. Coupled, with quality original content is a winning formula for organic search traffic. Quality content is truly the keys to the kingdom! But more importantly people and users love great quality content and Google can see it! Google sees when visitors are gobbling up page after page on your website and be certain Google will take notice of the stickiness of your site. Google is about serving up what it’s users seek and want! That is where their bread and buttered! They do not dominate the search engine market (some 80%+) for no reason!

The more quality content actively and consistently produced on your website in your keywords market niche the better. Not only does this create a richer site it builds more value for the site’s visitors. The consistency of actively producing new market content will also increase the websites authority over time.


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Local SEO Services Prioritize Usability

Google will take notice of the usability of your site. Usability is a major element of website optimization and one of the new major search engine metrics of importance in today’s website. Site speed or page load time should be given high priority. Keep your load time under three seconds, under two seconds is more ideal! While, always striving to be as fast as possible.

User friendliness of website navigation is important. You do not want a new user trying to figure out how to get around your website it should come naturally with little or no thought. Website security is a vital consideration. Google will penalize your site if it is not HTTPS, SSL encrypted secured.

Website responsiveness from one computing device to another is a critical factor to Google. The reason is quite simply that it is important to any visitor. Gone are the days where everybody browsed on their desktop or laptop. Today more users utilize smart phones than the latter. How your website renders on smart phones and tablets is even more important than on the desktop. Google will penalize you for anything less.

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Local SEO Services and Website Authority

By practicing the above straightforward SEO principles consistently over time you will build website authority. We all know website authority is a key factor in search engine ratings. As well as it should be, though there really are no shortcuts to authority it takes time to build trust and authority. Start with sound website and on-page SEO structure to make the most of local SEO services from which to build. Good things come to those with good practice and patience!

You will then be rewarded over time by primarily focusing on quality content and the visitors experience. The search engines see many dedicated websites practicing the proper standards, Typically, if you have two such quality sites the search engine will put the one with the most quality content over more time over the other website. There are exceptions maybe the newer smaller website has been much more proactive over the past 6+ months and could get the ranking nod etc.

With quality local SEO services there are no shortcuts. One must lay the technical SEO foundation from which to build for long term success. Local SEO ground work begins with Google My Business (GMB) listing setup and optimization, Best GMB practices include; GMB Maps, business citations, GEO networks and branding.

There are other factors like social media recognition or social proof. This comes when your content gets shared across various social networks or numerous likes etc. people interacting on your blog posts with commenting shows engagement and interest. Now… throw in some earned media and quality back-links, as added key ingredients and you are good to go!

Search Engine Optimization Understanding

To be a successful search marketer one needs to understand the search process. I know most think of Google when they think of search but it’s much more than just Google, as big a player Google is. Think of all the different searches on the web today yes Bing but also Trip Advisor, Yelp, iTunes, Google maps, YouTube and Amazon. Consider the following examples, if you are in the lodging business Trip Advisor looms large or if you are selling on Amazon…

You must understand and consider the motivations of each major player in search. The three players are the search engine, searcher and marketer. What is the makeup of the search query and how does it affect you the marketer? How to develop an digital marketing strategy to take advantage of it?

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Local SEO Services for Enhanced SERPs

Understanding and appreciating the above search engine optimization principles is of utmost importance. Laying the proper foundation for your website platform is essential if you want to bypass the competition. Starting with campaign research, analysis and technical SEO website optimization to lay the ground work for future local SEO success! A great analogy might be, in developing a productive farm garden one must first plow, fertilize and seed the field (platform) before growing and harvesting a top quality crop. Including:

  • On Page and Site SEO Optimization
  • Google My Business (GMB) Listing Optimization
  • GMB Maps SEO
  • Business Citations
  • Citation Cleanup
  • Data Aggregators
  • GEO Networks
  • Social Accounts Branding
  • Press Releases & Syndication
  • Brand Links, Guest Posts & Niche Placement Links

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SEO is about gaining the advantage of organic traffic driven from the search engines to your website. Getting ranked on Google for your ideal niche inquiry terms is a science requiring time and investment. See what we can offer you! ~ DOC

Local Search Engine Optimization Proposal is but a 'RFP' Order Away!

Unfortunately, local SEO services are numerous, varied and complex. SEO includes multiple levels of service including; website SEO structure, keyword research and strategy implementation, Google My Business (GMB), link building, social signals, press releases and much more! We need a considerable understanding of your current marketing situation and future objectives to put a comprehensive proposal in your hands. SEO is an upfront and longer term investment to drive ongoing organic search traffic to your optimized website. Typically a strategic 9-12 month plan with periodic follow-up SEO maintenance and upgrading will provide a significant marketing result. Get the details... submit a complementary Request-for-Proposal (RFP below) for 'DOC SEO Services' customized to your needs.

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