Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition Strategy

lead generation

Lead generation is a primary objective of customer acquisition. Customer acquisition is a core goal of marketing and all the services we offer. Typically, marketing campaigns utilize various paid traffic sources to drive targeted traffic to a promo website page to turn these visitors into prospects, leads, sales and future loyal customers. Ideally, an organization’s goal is to create winning campaigns that generate customers while off-setting the campaign system’s marketing cost in a semi-automated fashion.

Advertising campaigns are typically media platform specific. Popular channels like Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, LinkedIn, Pinterest are such go to platforms. Organization need to choose the right platforms conducive to their customers in the marketplace. Consider these channels as traffic stores, as most marketers do.

People actively seeking something specific defines search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) for organic traffic. The search engine searcher is likely looking to solve a problem or find a solution. Hence, these folks often tend to be a currently motivated, see SEO Services for more details. Whereas, Facebook and Twitter audiences tend to be more casual laid-back audiences. Social marketing focus is typically a softer sale or a more long-term marketing objective such as building trust, authority and brand.

An organizations’ goal should be to create a traffic system that grows their customer base while getting a positive ROI on the advertisement dollars spent growing it. ~ DOC

Lead Generation Requires an Optimized Website

Lead capture optimization on the website is a must! That is of course, if you want to maximize your marketing dollar ROI. So, if you need to better understand website optimization take the time necessary to appreciate its importance! Otherwise you will be getting the cart before the horse. Again, the proper order of process is absolutely essential to successful marketing.

Lead Gen Strategies and Tools

With smart marketing strategies and execution comes successful lead generation. Now, the need to convert them to customers or clients! Are you familiar with the saying "the money is in the list"?

A lead becomes a customer typically through proper strategic communications. Now that you have a name, email and/or phone number you need a way to communicate to that prospect. Ideally, a tool that can be automated to a maximum extent.

​Two in mind is an email auto-responder and a automated SMS text software solution. The email solution is mature well known but saturated. The SMS text solution on the other hand is much more cutting edge and applicable to the mobile market! Mobile is trending... and rightfully so! Both are useful marketing communication tools for today's marketers' tool box.

SMS text

Lead Gen Campaign Food for Thought

A marketing campaign should be targeted with a clearly defined marketing audience and objective. Smart paid traffic campaigns involve considerable strategy. Like, how to best leverage the traffic channels, communicate to the target market or re-targeting tactics to name a few. When creating ad marketing campaigns, it is wise to run pilots at very low budgets while, they are being tweaked for optimization. Once a pilot campaign is shown successful it is time to scale-up in a considered fashion. Running numerous ad campaign pilots is typical in pursuit of a real winner. Once you have successful ad campaigns in your arsenal you utilize them like a faucet to turn the targeted traffic on as needed!

​Search engine optimization or SEO campaigns are an entirely different traffic generation animal. SEO is a longer term organic traffic generation strategy. You need to invest in website SEO services over an initial time frame of 4-6 months to ​typically get a needed website SEO foundation. BUT... if done properly it is the gift that keeps on giving with just some ongoing periodic SEO maintenance. Organic search traffic is rightfully considered elite quality traffic. 

lead gen

Your organization's goal should be to create a traffic campaign system that grows their customer base while getting a positive ROI on the campaign dollars spent growing it. I find many in disbelief at that statement. This in fact is what a successful and strategic customer acquisition system is about! In-other-words after a successful campaign you should have a new contact list of subscribers and proven customers. Hopefully chomping at the bit to come back and buy from you in the future.

Is this your organization’s customer acquisition goal? If not, it should be! If so, are you achieving it? This is what customer acquisition mastery is all about! ​Place your complementary Customer Acquisition Request-for-Proposal (RFP). ​DOC will follow-up from there!

NOTICE: All new client services begin with a submitted order for a Request-For-Proposal (RFP). We do not provide our services blind or without review as we need specific information to qualify and produce a custom service proposal. Your custom DOC Service Proposal will be emailed with any invoice (if applicable) to be paid only if you want to activate acceptance of any DOC Service Proposal within the offer of acceptance window.

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