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Email Marketing Consultant Reflections

email marketing consultant

You would be hard-pressed to find a digital marketing channel that creates a higher ROI than email marketing. “For every one dollar spent on email marketing the average return on investment is $44.25” - Exact Target. This is music to the ears of the email marketing consultant! Talk about marketing motivation...

About every aspect of marketing whether it is branding, engagement, conversion, sales or retention can all be enhanced via email marketing. Email communications is one of the keys of the E marketing kingdom. Where would digital customer care, attention and service be without it?

A smart place to start would be your current email marketing program, to see what is and is not working. Keep what is working and improve upon it... scrap the rest.

Consider This Email Marketing Consultant Advice

Understand that the role of email marketing is to assist in obtaining your marketing objectives. Email marketing requires well-thought-out campaigns designed with objectives or specific goals in mind. Creative content and copy write is a key in opens and clicks execution and effectiveness.

Emails come in three categories; transactional, relational and promotional. You can send your emails on a automated trigger or a manual broadcast. Typically broadcast emails are sent for newsletters or promotions. The rest are triggered as a response to a specific action such as; a subscription or sale on the website.


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Email marketing is crucial to any digital marketers' game. Wise organizations make the most of their website traffic by procuring loyal subscribers for future engagement and marketing opportunities. The overall size of an organization’s list is just one important metric. Maximizing the list's potential value to the organizations is where the rubber hits the road!

The technical aspects and concerns of email structure and set-up are a necessity. Typically a good third-party email service will have those areas covered. A well-oiled email marketing program runs 24-7-365 mostly on autopilot engaging, building authority, leads and sales. You need to not only get but keep a subscriber's email permission.

Treat it as a the privilege it is, provide value with your marketing efforts. They are all possible leads and customers! Keep that in mind when you engage them. Set objectives for a successful campaign. Then plan and build that campaign to realize it. Utilized benchmarks and metrics to help keep the train on the tracks and see it to the station

Email Marketing Consultant

Email Marketing Copy-writing

Email marketing converts best when readers feel it’s message is speaking specifically to them, it is the art of the email copywriter!

Create sales funnel email series or sequences that provide this consumer connection for you. We do the research to understand and incorporate your niche market, target audience and sales funnel. Each email sequence is structured to achieve its individual marketing objective.

As an example, a series objective could be a company lead magnet introduction warm-up, special event, product launch, list segmentation or maybe an up-sell campaign. It is important to continually bring value in your marketing with the goal of taking a prospect to a customer to a loyal repeat customer to a raving fan!

Utilize compelling email copy with influential triggers, pain points, benefits to help drive funnel objectives. Creating a natural increase in conversions, meaning more profits from all messages sent. Conversions are the underlining goal in each and every unique email of an email sequence.

email copywriter

Autoresponder copywriter service should be focused  to skyrocket email opens, engagement, CTA clicks enhancing your email marketing bottom line. First, you need your email to stand out in your prospects inbox with quality subject lines to get the open! Once opened the message needs to keep the readers interest while driving the call to action (CTA) to CLICK-through! Each email message builds on one another to execute the email marketing sequence objective or task.

An email sequence typically vary in number of separate emails as the number of sequences that create a marketing flow or funnel to accomplish the specific marketing task. The sequences make up segmented pieces of the email marketing sales funnel of the organization’s strategic E marketing plan.  Furthermore, sequences are written keeping in mind the customer’s journey in the organizations sales funnel.

Email Marketing Final Thoughts

As mentioned at the top of this page, email marketing has some incredible return-on-investment (ROI) statistics. Typically, a given for most organizations' marketing arsenal. Any businesses can leverage email marketing, doing it right will maximize return-on-investment (ROI). DOC offers such specialized consulting but the "DOC Checkup' is a precursor to any more in-depth consulting services.

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