Digital Marketing Agency is a Boutique VIP Service

digital-marketing-agency is the online office for the boutique digital marketing agency of Daniel O'Neal, Consultant (DOC). DOC is the managing member (MGRM) of LAENO LLC also dba/, the company through which this website and all its products and services are offered and owned.

This website offers a secure platform with direct access to DOC's service orders and request-for-proposals (RFP). A high priority is given to provide for a clear and straight forward representation of DOC's consulting and services. DOC will be rolling out other digital marketing 'SAAS' services as he deems appropriate for this space (stay-tuned). Be sure to check out the ‘Sup DOC?' blog posts!

Boutique Digital Marketing Agency Offers VIP Practice

DOC's digital marketing agency is very much a boutique professional practice, in that the 'Client' receives direct customized VIP service. The clear objective is helping clients achieve their digital marketing goals. DOC utilizes his acute interpersonal skills to communicate with clients one-on-one. DOC makes his 'rounds' to consult with clients conveniently, privately and securely through today"s latest communication technology. Explore our website to get a full appreciation of the quality and scope of our web marketing offerings. With our exceptional fulfillment partnerships, we have the ability to handle most any digital marketing project in any niche.

Yes, DOC has fun playing on the ‘Doctor’ persona, as you may have noticed. Professionally, it is a form of brand marketing along with a nice dose of sheer fun! Why a VIP consulting agency? It is who DOC is as a small agency service provider, and how he has conducted his entire entrepreneurial career. The focus of direct, hands-on personalized service provides the clarity in communication and understanding clients appreciate.


Digital Marketing Services from the Berkshires ~ Stockbridge MA

A Wealth of Marketing Experience

Involved in marketing and sales his entire entrepreneurial life mainly in commercial investment real estate and independent commercial insurance brokerage. DOC has “walked the walk” from the old-school “pound the pavement” and “press flesh” marketing.  Like many he had to move on to the digital world as the dotcom era took over. There was no looking back...

DOC's E marketing journey began in earnest around 2007 when transitioning his insurance brokerage business to leverage the internet for marketing purposes. Within a few years graduating to more digitally sophisticated web start-ups and projects he never looked back. Complementing his practical hands-on self-learning experience with ever-evolving digital communications and digital marketing education.

DOC has decades of entrepreneurial experience providing contractual client-agency related representation and consulting. Explore this website, it is a showcase of some of DOC’s web marketing handy work!. See more on DOC’s digital marketing specialist certifications (below).

Digital Marketing Specialist Certifications

Daniel O'Neal, Consultant (DOC) is a certified digital marketing specialist in a all eight core disciplines! They include the following Digital Marketer Specialist Certifications. 'CLICK' on any certification badge (below) for a more in depth linked page relative to the respective specialty.


DOC’s Marketing Agency Philosophy

A principle marketing goal for most any organization should be achieving customer value optimization. After all, making the most of each and every customer can only enhance return-on-investment (ROI) for customer acquisition cost. Hence, improving the bottom line. Utilizing these core disciplines to help achieve this essential goal is the art and science online marketing.

A solid online marketing strategy includes a keen understanding of one’s customers and a compelling offer focused for that specific target market. Considerations include defining objectives and goals to create and run campaigns for execution of the same. Monitoring and tracking key-performance-indicators (KPI) help guide the process forward. The process may include simple campaign tweaks, ramping up winners or scrapping losers to going back to the drawing board.

A broad breadth of understanding across numerous core web marketing disciplines can be advantageous. One can never have to many options or tools to accomplish a task at hand. Not to mention, the synergy of the various disciplines in providing additional marketing insight.

Adapting Marketing to the Digital World

The marketing game-board changed dramatically from the pre-dotcom era to today. For those of you who have been around a while...  it seems like yesterday when the facsimile was the big deal! That’s right, we are talking the late 80's then came the dotcom bubble of the late 1990's , 20 years or so later here we all are! It's like the of the movie Matrix and we all took the red pill! Think of all the advances in technology over 25 years… the masses with Smartphone’s (billions), Google, Microsoft, Facebook and YouTube. The expansion, reach and speed of the Internet, cellular data... incredible!

Marketing and sales did not change during all of that time! Take for instance, the old-school marketing always included knowing your customer, targeting that prospect, prospecting for leads, introducing yourself and company, relationship building, presenting solutions via offers to make a sale, offering value, up-selling and customer retention, sound familiar? The question is how to apply these marketing skills successfully in today’s digital world for an organization to achieve their goals. This my friends, is the million-dollar question that DOC's consulting services can help you address!

Consider the Upside of a Digital Marketing Specialist

DOC offers a sweet strategic introduction to his digital marketing services, while providing new clients with a foundational digital marketing evaluation. Including his recommended course-of-action plan to help guide your marketing program forward... the 'DOC Checkup'. Find out where your organization's current digital marketing baseline stands and the guidance to help achieve your end game!

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