Content Digital Marketing the E-Marketing Upstart

Content Digital Marketing

In today’s fast-paced anything goes World Wide Web we can all be publishers with a platform on the Internet. Heck that includes even a tweeter on twitter! The old barriers are long gone when publishers were only considered the newspapers, magazines, books and the TV networks, radio stations and so on. Today anyone who has a website or blog can be considered a publisher, even anyone on a social network with a following! Driving content digital marketing into a marketing force onto itself!

In content marketing a publisher need only some relatively cheap tools like a smart phone for photos, videos, a microphone for interviews or podcasts, a blog and they have a ready to go multimedia platform. The larger the audience the publisher has the heavier the hitter or bigger media presence. The publishing investment requirements today are minuscule from days of old. Today anyone and everyone can be a publisher!

“media is anything that aggregates attention of a definable market segment into a specific location at a predictable time”

Ryan Dieze

Great content is either informative, entertaining or both to its’ readers at the most basic levels. Many brands are now the publisher and advertisers of their own products. This content marketing strategy has gotten more popular by the day. It is the quintessential marketing across the web from successful conglomerates to savvy small businesses.

content digital marketing

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Content Digital Marketing Strategies Evolution

As the Internet age matures so does the content strategies of the 21st century. Ideally great content helps create a great audience, poor content the opposite. The bigger the audience, the bigger the media, the bigger the marketing opportunities and the higher value of that owned media!

Consider what media is… Ryan Dieze defines media as “media is anything that aggregates attention of a definable market segment into a specific location at a predictable time”. A very clear and precise definition of the term media. An organizations’ motivation and purpose for owned media is well defined.

Keeping that in mind let’s clarify the picture in today’s world. Look at some of the major corporate brands of today GE, Apple, Microsoft, Home Depot, Intel, Dell, McDonald's… I could go on forever - just about any major brand today are all about owned media, publishing and content marketing. The big boys have made it obvious this content marketing strategy stuff works!

Content Strategies are Scale-able to Any Organization’s Needs

Taking this strategic concept to the small business person's doorstep. If the small business or organization has a website, a brand and a loyal following “audience” then that brand or business has owned media. The small business should leverage its owned media to help market its own products or services. A sound strategy for any organization. This is a perfect example of strategic content marketing. Strategic planning and implementation of such strategies is the nuance of successful content ​​digital marketing.

Content marketing done well helps generate a vibrant engaged audience and so much more. Providing value to the audience while providing value to the organization. Win-win situations are a marketer's dream! ~ DOC

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