Affordable SEO Services for Small Business


Affordable is in the eyes of the beholder and their budget… value is imperative. SEO services that will bring a well targeted stream of visitors to your website that are actively interested in services you offer is key! Search engine ranking for specific keyword terms is a process and takes time to execute and establish. Obtaining affordable SEO services for small business should be achievable. Balance and coordination between marketing objectives. goals and buget must be in sync.

Many variables come into play such as your niche market competitiveness, where your current marketing program stands and what monthly SEO budget investment is affordable over a 6+ month period for foundational work. Once ranking objectives are reached then a typically less aggressive maintenance budget can be established to stave off competition and hold SERP ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is a Science to Appease Google and Users Alike

Our overview process considers a well optimized website that will help accomplish the purpose (leads and sales) you want traffic to your website. Most organizations desire branding and indoctrination as a strategic phase of their marketing program. The leads and sales conversions are the culmination of the entire marketing program and strategic sales funnel.

An effective SEO plan requires foundational marketing basics must be established and in place. Basics like  a defined target customer profile(s), competitive research and keyword term strategy. Once important fundamental underpinnings are in place to make the most of your SEO marketing efforts, we are ready to proceed.


​SEO Marketing Trends Born from Facts

1. SEO Industry is poised to reach $80 billion.

SEO statistics by Forbes cite Borrell Associates to emphasize that by 2020, businesses in the US will be spending as much as $80 billion on SEO services. This number is significantly higher than in 2016 and 2018 when businesses were spending $65.26 and $79.27 billion on search engine optimization, respectively.

Source: Forbes

2.  If done right, SEO can drive a 14.6% conversion rate.

SEO is focused on attracting visitors that are actively searching for information about products or services, which makes it an excellent tactic for lead generation. Not surprisingly, the leads that come from SEO have a 14.6% average conversion rate. For comparison, traditional strategies like print ads and direct mail have a 1.7% average conversion rate.

Source: Crazy Egg

3. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

This is the most well-known, but we just had to include it to emphasize the importance of SEO. Getting more eyes on your website is extremely important, as almost all online experiences start with a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Source: im Forza

4.  75% of users don’t even scroll past the first page of the SERPs.

Recent SEO facts and figures reveal that the majority of users scan the first page of Google results quickly and never go past it. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that 18% of organic clicks go to the page on the first position, 10% to the page on the second position and 7% of organic clicks go to the page on #3.

Source: HubSpot

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business can be Accomplished with the Right Strategy

SEO should be an ongoing marketing investment for any business. Done right, it brings the highest quality targeted prospect to your website, those who are actively seeking a solution, product or service. Search engine optimization is the gift that keeps on giving but at the same time must be consistently maintained and worked to keep up with the competition. The sooner you start the better, as it builds on itself by establishing website authority in the eyes of Google.


How We Help Make Affordable SEO Services for Small Business Possible

We review your request-for-proposal (RFP) to understand your SEO marketing needs, desires and budget restraints. Analyze your website to the current competition in SERPS. Propose a SEO marketing plan that balances all of these variables and concerns to the best of our ability (proposals are at no cost or obligation). Addressing the lowest hanging fruit strategically helps to get valuable low-cost traffic in order to generate some earlier SEO return-on-investment (ROI). 

​Early Marketing Returns Help Enhance SEO Affordability

Addressing the lowest hanging fruit first with strategic local search engine optimization to get valuable traffic to generate return-on-investment (ROI) ASAP helps make SEO services that much more affordable and feasible with early return offsets.

Check out our local SEO Services to learn more on DOC’s SEO services and submit your request-for-proposal (RFP) today!