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Welcome, to the online office of Daniel O'Neal, Consultant the 'DOC' of We are a boutique digital marketing services agency utilizing our specialized expertise to help our clients' achieve their online marketing goals. Digital marketing is the premier marketer's game in today's internet connected world.

Savvy organizations looking to expand their horizons should always be seeking to improve their online marketing strategy, planning and execution. Our online marketing services are ideally suited for professional practices and small businesses looking to grow! These organizations are typically busy focused on their core business. In-house web marketing expertise is just not practical. offers digital marketing services and consulting on a freelance contractual basis as our core business.

DOC offers a personalized VIP service with reasonable fees a flexible work schedule that can be tailored to the client's time-frame and budget. All proposals and services are upfront and straight forward. Finally, no high-pressure big agency salespeople trying to sell you the farm day-in and day-out here! DOC keeps the focus on helping his clients' reach their stated marketing objectives and goals. Period!

DOC’s Marketing Practice in His Own Words (please read)

Time is my most valuable asset, as it is with most of us. I am the sole digital marketing consultant of this small boutique practice. Which makes me the digital marketing agency, so to speak! It is essential I manage my time wisely for both productivity and efficiency sake. Therefore, I engage only marketing prospects who have taken the time to submit a RFP (request-for-proposal), sorry no exceptions! 

The RFP provides the necessary information I need to review and qualify the subject project request. The RFP also allows for a constructive foundation from which to plan a serious marketing proposal and open an informative line of communication. Any and all new marketing consulting and service projects are on an as available basis. 

Being a small boutique agency has its advantages as well as its limitations. Although, we do have many great fulfillment partners all marketing projects require strategy, planning, communications, coordination and supervision. There is only so much time in a day. When time is tight or limited I prioritize my time accordingly: 1st) ongoing marketing projects, 2nd) consulting requests, 3rd) marketing service requests.  No matter my obligations at the time of receiving a new RFP rest assure I will always respond one way or another.

I offer a considerable amount of information on my marketing philosophy, approach and services here on my web office. Please, take advantage and do your due diligence. If you decide you are interested in a complementary non-obligatory proposal, submit a RFP form (takes only 15 minutes or so) on this secure website platform.

Within a few to several business days you will receive my written proposal on how I propose to remedy your web marketing request! Of course, I will answer any proposal questions that you may have at the appropriate time to enable you to make an informed decision. I always appreciate the opportunity to be of service! DOC (Dan O’Neal, Consultant)


Digital Marketing Services from the Berkshires ~ Shaker Village, Hancock MA

Digital Marketing Services from this Website

The purpose and function of this website is to promote, inform and engage digital marketing prospects for our digital marketing services. Ideally, while offering clear and easy access to obtain custom proposals for their digital marketing project requests. Our core digital marketing services are explained in detail on their respective service pages found under the ‘DOC’s Practice’ menu.

We do not sell our services blind. Rather, we require all services be ordered via our complementary straight forward  Request-For-Proposal (RFP) form. This process provides us the information needed to properly qualify and customize our service proposals and price options to the prospective clients' request.


The 'DOC Checkup' Diagnosis

The 'DOC Checkup' is a marketing program evaluation overview to understand where it currently stands in relation to your stated marketing objectives and goals. Establishing a baseline from which to grow and develop a strategic marketing plan to help reach your goals. The 'DOC Checkup' is the right place to begin to cure an organization's marketing ills. Let DOC layout out a strategic path to get you to where you want to go! See about our complementary 'DOC Checkup'  special!


Web Design Services

An organization’s website should be a key marketing asset. Build and control a WordPress website framework that can help leverage your marketing efforts to achieve your objectives and maximize return-on-investment (ROI). The DOC's web design services lay the groundwork for what it takes! 


SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) it is ideally a strategic long term marketing investment. Deployment of SEO services to drive targeted organic search engine traffic to your website by ranking for specific keywords. Organic search traffic tends to be the highest quality traffic and once established the gift that keeps on giving. SEO campaigns require an upfront investment in time and money. Strategic SEO includes both on-page and off-page specialized SEO services to reap maximum success and ROI.


Specialty Consulting & Services

In addition to the go-to foundational digital marketing (above) DOC offers focused specialty consulting and services in areas like:

Customer Acquisition

Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Consultant Sound Advice

Process and order are crucial to allow digital marketing services to build upon each other for a successful marketing program. Using a road trip as an analogy, consider your marketing goal as your trip destination ,the road map as a marketing plan. Firstly, one must know where they are currently located (current marketing program status) in reference to where they would like to go or be their destination (marketing objectives and goal). Then, plot the road map plan (strategic marketing plan) to reach your destination, then execute your plan.

Develop and fine-tune your organization’s website to be its greatest marketing asset. Our remote WordPress developer service builds an optimized website with the tools and design needed to help maximize all future marketing efforts. Basic considerations for website optimization include; brand promotion, prospect indoctrination, building trust, lead generation and sales.

Customer Acquisition is a Paramount Marketing Objective

Customer acquisition is the development of prospects into leads and customers. Mainly, from driving targeted traffic to your website landing page. Main traffic options include paid advertisement with promotional campaigns utilizing major traffic sources like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Bing etc. This traffic strategy is comparable to that of turning on a tap for water, where almost instantaneous paid traffic flows like water where the money spend is the tap. Stopping the advertisement campaign spend will shut off the the traffic.  There are many variables to making such traffic campaigns successful, return on investment (ROI) is the ultimate measuring stick of the select campaigns success.

Organic traffic generation is the other main form of traffic. Organic traffic is typically considered driven from organic search engine results of peoples search engine inquiries like Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) of website properties is the art and science to rank targeted keywords in SERPS to best take advantage of such targeted organic traffic. Often, a smart long term strategic marketing consideration and investment for most organizations.

Digital Marketing Agency

Website Office Practicality Has Its Rewards

 Internet marketing consulting and services have few boundaries in this digitally connected world. So, if you can forgo an in-person handshake we are open to being of service anywhere in the USA.

Keeping to a web based online office (without a brick and mortar storefront) is quite efficient and practical. Lower overhead costs mean leaner fees needed for services. We are a small marketing service business serving a small organization clientele where practicality is mutually beneficial! Each client can expect best in class boutique VIP service with straight forward, upfront service at reasonable fees.

Digital Marketing Service House-Call Area Includes Most of Western MA is home in Lenox Dale Village in the town of Lenox, MA. Located in the heart of Berkshire County, MA central to all of Western MA. Berkshire County is renowned for such cultural attractions as Tanglewood and Jacobs PillowBerkshire County cities include Pittsfield, MA, Great Barrington, MA, Lee, MA, Dalton, MA, North Adams, MA and Williamstown, MA, home of Williams College. The Western MA service area includes the great cities of Springfield, MA, Chicopee, MA, Holyoke, MA, Northampton, MA, Westfield, MA.

Online marketing house-call service is available when necessary to clients' place of business in our service area of Western Massachusetts by appointment only. Either way, all services begin with a request-for-proposal (RFP) initiated on this website.

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